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About Kaneka Sun Spice


Importing spices from around the world

At Kaneka Sun Spice, every year we import more than 5,000 tons of spices to Japan from around the world.
We visit suppliers in every corner of the globe, providing guidance and carrying out quality checks. Our purchasing systems are based on strong relationships, and enable us to carefully select only those ingredients that meet our standards.


Assessing, developing, and blending spices from around the world

After being imported to Japan, the spices are assessed by expert Kaneka Sun Spice technicians, who carefully select the best ingredients.
They use these spices to blend spice mixes, seasonings, and liquid spices according to the requests of our customers.
We have also created a dedicated space for the collaborative development and trial manufacture of new products with our customers.


Developing the latest analysis techniques, and improving safety and quality

We import spices from all over the world, and only use spices that pass our stringent checks. At our Quality Control Center, we verify that levels of residual pesticides do not exceed permissible standards, and confirm that radiation sterilization has not taken place. In addition, we work continually to develop and implement the latest analysis techniques to further improve the quality of our products.
For the peace of mind of our customers, quality control departments at our plants monitor the quality of our products before they are shipped.
We carry out a variety of tests on a daily basis to ensure the reliability of our quality levels. These include sensory evaluations, which rely on human sensory organs such as eyes, tongues, and noses, as well as microbial tests to ensure food safety and hygiene.


Cultivating pepper at company farms in Vietnam

In 2005, we established KSS Vietnam Co., Ltd. (KSS Vietnam), a plant in Vietnam, the world’s largest producer of pepper.
In addition to processing pepper, the plant produces spice mixes and other products. While the plant is primarily involved in the sorting, sterilization, and grinding of pepper, it processes other spices as well.
KSS Vietnam was originally established to export spices to its parent, Kaneka Sun Spice, but it is now strengthening its sales activities both in Vietnam and in global markets.
In 2010, KSS Vietnam started cultivating pepper on its own farms, with the twin goals of promoting the environmentally friendly supply of pepper, and of safeguarding pepper cultivation environments for future generations of Vietnamese.

  • Cultivating pepper at company farms in Vietnam
  • Cultivating pepper at company farms in Vietnam
  • Cultivating pepper at company farms in Vietnam
  • Cultivating pepper at company farms in Vietnam

Safety initiatives

Receiving raw ingredients

At our Quality Management Center, we carry out various checks to ensure the safety and quality of our food products.
In addition, we work continually to develop and implement the latest analysis techniques, so that we can respond to previously unseen issues.

  • Pesticide residue analysis
  • Aflatoxin (mycotoxin) analysis
  • Test and accuracy management
  • Radiation sterilization checks

Receiving raw ingredients

Plant system

Our blending plant, which commenced operations in 2020, boasts cutting-edge quality control systems. We have established restricted processing environments for specified allergens, and the plant has been designed to ensure that human and object flow lines for products containing specified allergens are kept separate from products that do not.


Food defense
The plant entrance features a vein recognition system to ensure only pre-registered employees are able to enter.
We have also installed in-process quality control cameras as part of our thorough food defense systems.

Food defense

Entry to processing areas
Before entering processing areas, employees wash their hands, use alcohol disinfectants, and undergo air showers.
When entering allergen-management areas, employees wear special-purpose gowns and change footwear; when leaving the allergen-management areas, employees remove their gowns, wash their hands, and once again undergo air showers. These thorough measures are designed to prevent the transmission of specified allergens into other areas of the plant.

Entry to processing areas

Production system


Using our technological expertise, our sterilization process results in foods that achieve the low bacterial count demanded of our customers, yet retain their innate flavors and aromas. We operate a variety of sterilization equipment, and select the most suitable for each spice according to its unique properties—such as its size, and whether it is in whole or powder form, etc.


The spices we import from farms around the world contain a variety of foreign material. We remove this material using a combination of cutting-edge sorting facilities and visual sorting.

Foreign material inspections

Foreign material inspections
Foreign material is removed using sieves, iron-removal machines, magnets, and other apparatus. Then, both before and after the final packaging process, we verify the product contains no foreign materials using metal detectors and x-ray inspection machines.

Quality control

Quality control
We carry out quality control for all production batches, and only ship those that pass our quality checks.
We carry out sensory evaluations and bacterial tests on all our products. We also carry out targeted testing on certain products, such as capsaicin tests for chili peppers, and moisture value and pH tests for liquid products. Through these checks and tests, we ensure that only safe, high-quality products are delivered to our customers.

Overseas businesses

We utilize our global network to meet the needs of our customers.

Our overseas bases

KSS Vietnam Co., Ltd.

KSS Vietnam Co.,Ltd.

KSS Vietnam cultivates its own spices and herbs. It exchanges information with other producers in Vietnam and around the world, provides guidance, and continually seeks to improve the quality of its products. The company supplies spices primarily to customers in Japan, but also to other Asian countries.

No.45 Street 8, Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park,Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
Phone. +84-274-3767-750 Fax. +84-274-3767-749

Kaneka Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Kaneka Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Kaneka Trading (Shanghai) maintains close relationships with food producers in China, proposing spices and other products in response to various requests.

39th Floor, Heng Sheng Bank Tower, 1000 LujiazuiRing Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai

Kaneka Sun Spice’s overseas network

Using the development skills, quality control systems, and production technologies we have accumulated over many years, we supply products produced at our Japanese plants and at KSS Vietnam to countries around the world.
In addition to utilizing our bases in Vietnam and Shanghai, we also leverage the networks established by the Kaneka Group to respond to the requests of customers from across Asia.

Our Asian network

Our Asian network
KSS Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Kaneka Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Kaneka (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Kaneka Taiwan Co., Ltd.
PT. Kaneka Foods Indonesia
  • Spices
  • Spice mixes
  • Curry powders

Different countries operate different import and other regulations; please contact us if you wish to place an order.

About the company

Company overview

Name Kaneka Sun Spice Corporation
Date of establishment March 1959
Representative director Hiroyuki Okada
Number of employees 202, as of March 31, 2021
Capitalization 200 million yen
Head office 1-10-17, Jusohigashi, Yodogawa Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Telephone +81-6-6306-2133
Core products Spices, herbs, and processed food ingredients
Business content Production and sales of spices
Net sales 17.1 billion yen, for the year ended March 31, 2021
Main bank MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Offices Head office: Osaka
Branch offices: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Shikoku, and Kyushu
Research facilities: Osaka, Tokyo
Plants: Ibaraki Plant, and Shiga Plant
Subsidiaries KSS Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
Kaneka Foods Manufacturing Corporation
Tokyo Kaneka Foods Manufacturing Corporation
Kaneka Foods Corporation
Taiyo Yushi Corporation
Nagashima Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
Shinka Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
Kaneka Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


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